Secondary Curriculum

A wealth of expertise in guiding our students through their secondary year

About KS3

We follow the National Curriculum for England at Key Stage 3. While responding to curriculum developments in UK schools, we endeavor to focus on the ever-changing needs of our parents and students for assessment. As the curriculum evolves, we aim to maintain consistency across subject areas by using existing levels and applying them to the changing curriculum. As the effect of these changes becomes clearer, our assessment and reporting system will also evolve.

Our curriculum for Key Stage 3 consists of the nine subjects listed below. Provision is also made for the compulsory Arabic curriculum (six lessons per week for Arabic, Social Studies and Religious Studies), taught by locally hired specialists. Our Key Stage 3 Booklet informs parents and students about the courses they will follow and provides advice and guidance on how students and parents can make the most of their time at TBS.

About KS4

The curriculum for Key Stage 4 is currently evolving and will continue to change over the next academic year. Year 11 students take four IGCSE examinations at the end of Year 10 (English, Mathematics and two Sciences), and then take further examinations in their four optional subjects. This is alongside a further two subjects taken in Year 11 as one-year courses. These two subjects can be further IGCSEs or, for those students with a B or higher in their Year 10 IGCSEs, AS Level courses in Mathematics and/or the Sciences.

Students in Year 10 were included in Key Stage 4 during the last academic year (starting in Year 9). At this stage, students are halfway through their IGCSE courses to be completed at the end of Year 10. This allows them to complete full A2 courses in Years 11 and 12 and makes them more competitive in terms of university applications. Students take the IGCSE subjects of English, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, ICT and Geography, and have a choice between Business and French.

Students in Year 9 are starting on their two-year IGCSE courses and study the core subjects of English, Mathematics, and ICT. Students then select their other subjects from the following list, the only condition being that they must take at least two sciences. Optional subjects students can choose from are Art, Arabic IGCSE, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, French, Geography, History, Physics, Sociology, and Travel & Tourism.

Studies in all three of these year groups also include the compulsory Arabic curriculum, along with non-examined PE.