21 years of British Education Excellence


From our highly qualified British and Egyptian teachers, and our broad, well-structured British Curriculum, to our 21-year track record of achieving excellent results, and our accreditation from a British government-approved inspection authority, there are a host of compelling reasons to choose GEMS TBS. Come and speak to us to find out more.

Experienced Qualified Teachers

Teachers at GEMS TBS come from a range of backgrounds and countries, bringing with them great diversity, which enriches the school’s learning environment. Our teachers have a range of teaching experiences including the British National Curriculum but also the world-renowned International Baccalaureate Programme (PYP, MYP, IB). As an accredited school we are also able to work with newly qualified teachers to develop these young professionals from all around the world. At GEMS TBS, we know that good teacher are the key to happy, effective classrooms, and we appreciate how critical the right teachers are to your child’s development and success. All our teachers are not only qualified to teach, but also constantly updated so they stay current with the latest tools and teaching methodologies to provide an exceptional learning experience.

International Accreditation 

We are very proud to be an approved examination centre for Cambridge and Edxcel-accredited school.

We were recently awarded the membership status from CIS (Council of International Schools) which demonstrates that the school meets fully the highest international educational standards of membership of the premier international accreditation organisation worldwide, and also demonstrates the school’s commitment to fully engage with the process of independent and impartial school evaluation and improvement. We have also submitted applications for the BSME and CIS, the reputable accreditation in support of all the ongoing developments on academics, student well-being, and operational levels.

We have also submitted the application for BSME accreditation as part of our continuous efforts towards achieving academic excellence and distinction. 

Accreditation is a validation of our collaborative efforts to create an outstanding learning experience and ensures the best possible educational environment for children. The rigorous accreditation process assures our parents of our compliance with the highest levels of quality based on international standards and reflects our commitment to excellence. 

A Track Record of Excellence

At GEMS TBS, we point to our students and their outstanding results as the number one proof of our school’s success. Our students have consistently achieved outstanding results in their IGCSEs – results that are among the best scores in Egypt and the entire African continent. Our students’ exemplary results speak volumes of the TBS teaching and learning approach and are always a source of pride for our parents, students, and school as a whole.

TBS Alumni have excelled in different career paths as well- rounded citizens contributing to the welfare of their wider community.

A Strong Character Building Programme and After School Activities (ASAs)

At GEMS TBS, we aim to produce not just great students, but great leaders who live with honesty, confidence, and integrity. We implement a rich ASA programme for students to be successful in the dynamic changing world. Throughout our ASAs we are aiming to build upon the building blocks of character.

Endless Opportunities via GEMS Education

TBS recently joined the GEMS Education family, and this comes with great benefits. GEMS Education believes in independent learning and empowers students to embrace responsibility. New learning schemes that challenge convention will be woven into the school system, allowing students’ creativity to prevail while bringing out the best of every single student so they become truly global citizens ready to thrive in the world beyond school. Being part of GEMS Education also comes with a wide range of services that ensure integration of excellence on every level, including Leader and Teacher Training, Systems & Technology, as well as Health & Safety Measures.

Scholarship Programme

At GEMS TBS we have 3 types of scholarships.

  • Academic Scholarships upon the student's academic excellence.
  • Co-Curricular Scholarships on creative, performing arts and sports.
  • Academic University Awards for graduates of British International Schools.

Check Our Scholarship Booklet for More "Scholarship Booklet"

A Decade

With TBS

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