22 years of British Education Excellence


When students join us – families join us

Keep in mind that it is not just your child who has joined TBS – it is your whole family and we have many ways to keep you involved. We firmly believe that the continuous partnership between parents and the school has a positive impact on your child’s learning. You are ‘Partners in Learning’. Throughout the year we run a variety of parents workshops to help you understand more about learning at TBS and how you can support your child/children. Our weekly newsletters keep you up to date with the many learning activities happening across our school. The weekly Coffee Mornings every Thursday provide an opportunity for parents to meet and discuss learning and parenting challenges. Our Student Led Conferences during Term 1 and Term 2 are an opportunity for your child to share with you their learning and their next step targets. In addition there will be many opportunities for you to join us at TBS for special events and celebrations of learning so you feel part of our learning community.



Smile, Strive, Shine

We are a happy school where our students learn through play and activity while supported academically and pastorally. 

At GEMS TBS your child will smile as they develop the key characteristics for them to be global citizens and leaders of the future through our Character Building and pastoral curriculum. Our GEMS Jewels of Kindness and Respect reinforce their inter-personal skills whilst our core values encourage us all to think big.

Your child will strive as they achieve their academic goals in a challenging yet supporting learning environment taught and mentored by our highly qualified and experienced teachers ensuring they have the subject knowledge and skills to reach for the stars.

Your child will shine though opportunities to celebrate their academic and personal achievements, gifts and talents through our broad curriculum and extensive after-school activity programme.



A learning environment for today – innovators for tomorrow

Our personalised learning approach ensures that each student will be given the age appropriate support they need to believe in themselves and achieve their potential through regular target setting and mentoring. Our focus on IT, STEAM and the Arts inclusion in our curriculum and After School Activity programme and participation in British Council and BSME events as well as the Challenge of the Pharaohs allow our students to explore new ideas, take risks to try something new and dream big.


Future-proofing the children of today for the world of tomorrow

Our broad-based curriculum, extensive After School Activities programme, enrichment events along with opportunities to develop leadership skills and ensure that our students leave with the academic knowledge, life skills and confidence to take on any challenge that they might face in the uncertain future of the 21st Century and beyond. Happy global citizens who will have a positive impact on the world around them.


A Decade

With TBS

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