At GEMS TBS, we celebrate excellence and talents, which is why we are proud to offer various types of scholarship programs, exclusively for GEMS British schools' students.  

Firstly, we offer an Academic Scholarship, rewarding students who excel in their academic studies and demonstrate outstanding performance in their exams and coursework. A total of 10 academic scholarships are awarded each year, with a maximum of four students getting a 50% remission on school fees and a maximum of six students receiving a 25% school fee remission. 

Secondly, there is the Co-curricular Scholarship, granted to students who showcase exceptional talent and dedication in creative pursuits, such as STEAM, sports, performing, and visual arts, complementing their academic pursuits. Four students receive a 15% school fee remission.  

Third is the Top Attendance Scholarship, acknowledging exemplary dedication exhibited by students in Years 11 and 12 through consistent attendance. Awarded students receive a 50% remission on their school tuition fees, along with the valuable opportunity to participate in summer internships at EEP during their first two years of university study. 

Fourth is the Academic University Award, specifically for two graduates of British International Schools who have demonstrated sustained academic excellence throughout their studies and secured admission to a highly prestigious university. The financial grant is equivalent to 10% of the annual tuition fees for the first year of study. The maximum award amount is EGP 100,000 or GBP 5,000 per scholar. 

Moreover, we offer exclusive discounts and benefits in partnership with prestigious universities in Egypt and abroad to all EEP schools’ students, supporting them on their educational journey beyond school. The benefits entail remissions ranging from 10 to 20%, funding opportunities, and early application discounts.  

To learn more details about our unique scholarship offerings, you can download the booklet here.  Scholarship Booklet 2024.


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