In the competitive realm of education, GEMS TBS emerges as a beacon of academic excellence, recognised for its rigorous standards and commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals. Its qualifications carry international weight, opening doors to opportunities across the globe. Explore the GEMS TBS accreditations and recognitions below

The global accrediting and affiliated bodies are recognized by are:


Being a CIS accredited school (Council of International Schools) allows us at GEMS TBS to focus on student learning and global citizenship. CIS International Accreditation is accepted by other countries and associations internationally as a mark of quality assurance, shining a light on accredited institutions’ commitment to crafting an unrivalled learning journey for their students. Every lesson, every activity, and every challenge are designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to make a lasting impact.

The CIS Accreditation process has long been recognised in international school circles as a highly effective means of initiating and maintaining school improvement while adhering to globally-benchamrked standards. Approximately 665 international schools are served by the membership organisation known as the Council of International Schools (CIS). Since 1970, it has accredited member schools, and many nations around the world hold a high regard for its accreditation process


GEMS TBS is a member of the BSME (British Schools in the Middle East) network, a pivotal force in the region's landscape of British international schools. Through a multifaceted approach, the network fosters high-quality education while empowering schools and their communities. The network offers premium educational services, products, and tools to enhance students’ learning.

Cambridge Assessment International Education

GEMS TBS is an authorised Cambridge exam centre. Cambridge Assessment International Education, spanning over 160 countries and partnering with 10,000 schools, opens doors to globally recognised qualifications through its diverse range of exams and credentials.

Pearson Edexcel

GEMS TBS is an authorised Pearson Edexcel exam centre, the UK’s largest awarding organisation. Offering Pearson Edexcel academic qualifications, GEMS TBS equips students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence that will prepare them for life beyond school, putting the learner at the centre of the learning process.

GL Assessment

GEMS TBS is an authorised GL assessment exam centre, the leading provider of formative assessments to schools across the UK and Ireland. Their assessments aim to reveal barriers to learning, provide evidence of progress, identify and support children with additional educational needs, deliver evidence of whole-school improvement, highlight strengths in reading and core subjects, and inform teaching strategies.

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award

GEMS TBS is proud to deliver the award programme as an Independent Award Centre. DofE, the world's leading youth award, empowers youth aged 14 to 24 in over 120 countries to explore their passions, hone essential skills, and build confidence. It is a global framework for non-formal education and learning, unlocking students’ potential through volunteering, physical challenges, and personal discovery. To learn more about the DofE Award and how your child can participate, visit the official website at

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