Our Accreditations


We partner with world renowned educational agencies and professional associations to ensure that our TBS students have the best learning opportunities, and our teachers have access to quality professional development.


Cambridge Assessment International Education 


The University of Cambridge formed the ’Local Examination Syndicate’ over 160 years ago.

Its aim was to raise standards in education by administering exams for people who were not

members of the University and inspecting schools. For the first time in 1858, 370 school candidates

in 7 English cities sat4 exams set by the University of Cambridge. Today this has risen to more

than 8 million candidates in 160 countries. The Syndicate began examining internationally in 1864,

and this aspect of its work grew quickly. The Syndicate adopted the brand name that we are familiar

with ‘Cambridge Assessment’ in 2005.

Cambridge University Press and Assessment provides world-leading academic research,

learning and assessment globally, backed by the fist-class teaching and research departments of

the University of Cambridge.

TBS is proud to be an Accredited Cambridge School offering Cambridge qualifications and being part

of a global community working to prepare students for success in our changing world.

From the academic year 2022-23 we will be preparing students for Cambridge IGCSE examinations.



Pearson Edexcel – 


Pearson Edexcel is a British multinational education and examination body formed in 1996 and

wholly-owned by Pearson PLC since 2005. It is the only privately owned examination board in the UK.

However, their story begins in 1836 when a royal charter gave the University of London limited powers

to conduct exams and award degrees to its students and the establishing of the University of London

Extension Board in 1902 with the first school examinations following three years later. In later years

this board now called the London Examinations merged with the Business

 and Technology Education

Council to form Edexcel which administered GCSEs and A Levels. Since this merger in 1986, Pearson

have bought Edexcel, opened Pearson College in London and Manchester and become the world’s

leading learning company offering a range of academic and vocational qualifications.

TBS is proud to be an accredited centre for Pearson Edexcel IGCSE and A Level qualification.

This accreditation enables us to offer a range of A Level course through Pearsons Edexcel.




The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a membership community working collaboratively to

shape international education through professional services to schools. The CIS vision is to inspire

the development of global citizens through high quality international education: connecting ideas,

cultures, and educators from every corner of the world. It is the main membership organisation

for international schools worldwide. 

TBS is proud to be a CIS member school following a successful visit when we

 were able to demonstrate

our commitment to providing our students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue their lives

as global citizens and to provide high quality international education. We are committed to the CIS

Accreditation process to drive continuous improvement at TBS.






The British Schools in the Middle East (BSME) is a professional association of 150 schools that

supports a network of high quality British international schools in the region. In addition, it facilitates

an invaluable partnership between member schools and business partners specialising in educational

services, products and tools. BSME also offers a range of regional sporting, academic and performing

arts events for member school’s students. 

TBS is a proud member of BSME and this year will be participating in a range of BSME events online

providing more opportunities for our TBS students to shine.







British Council


Originally called the British Committee for Relations with Other Countries, the British Council was founded

in 1934 to build connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and other countries through

arts and culture, education and the English Language. The British Council’s first overseas office opening in

Egypt in 1938 and makes them the oldest cultural relations organisation in the world. Every year the British

Council in Egypt connects with thousands of students and educators in Egypt supporting them to achieve

the education, qualifications and skills needed to reach their potential in future careers.

TBS is proud to be a British Council Partner School which enables our children to participate in a range of

enrichment activities and our teachers to access professional development courses to enhance or learning

and teaching in the classroom