School Transport

School transport service for our students

The British School’s School Transport Service enables students to get to and from home and school safely and securely. We operate approximately 33 buses for around 405 students every school day.

Our aim is to ensure that the safety of the students and the efficient running of the service are given the highest priority. The Transport Staff understand the importance of safe, prompt service and plan to continue to achieve these goals.

Below is your link to a full School Transport Guide. This guide is designed to give parents comprehensive information on the services provided by the Transport Department. In addition to general information, this guide gives details of the terms and conditions of our service, outlines the responsibilities, and expectations of all those involved in the service.

Please read these sections and make sure that you and your child/ren are aware of the rules and guidelines that they are expected to follow.

Contact and emergency numbers are clearly listed in the last section. Please make sure that you have these numbers available for easy access when required.

Any concerns or comments that you may have will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if we could be of any assistance.

Download your TBS Transport Guide Here

To apply to use the bus service at TBS, please print and complete the two following files and submit to the transportation service desk at TBS: