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About KS2

In Key Stage Two, our lessons have been designed to make your child’s learning a creative journey. Lessons are skills and knowledge based,meeting the requirements of the English National Curriculum. The units your child will be studying are shared with you in advance, along with suggestions on how you can support your child’s learning. This information can be found on Moodle, or on our website.

We offer a stimulating environment for learning, where every child can thrive and do well. We believe that every child deserves the best education possible and we aim to provide just that. We set out to give children a sense of purpose, encourage their confidence and to enjoy learning. Children are happy at our school because we aim to provide a caring environment and give your child the very best educational experiences during their junior years. We hope to provide a wide range of exciting learning opportunities for all children and support them in becoming independent and responsible adults.

Our expectations are high, we expect staff and your child to rise to the challenge of learning, enjoy it and become life-long learners.

Karen McNeely
Deputy Head of KS2