Next Week Events

Year 6

As always, Term Three is an exceptionally busy time for Year Six students.

The term will begin with Ministry Arabic exams. These take place at an external location. The children have been studying over the holidays in preparation for the examinations which await them. We would like to wish everyone the best as we know how hard they have all worked in preparation for the exams.

Additionally, we will be carrying out our end of Year Six assessments. Students will be using computers to show all that they have learnt over the past year. This will include topics across English Mathematics and Science. Students will demonstrate their ability to: decode information, retrieve facts from a text, spell accurately and carry out a piece of writing. They will also: solve number problems, demonstrate their understanding of measure and answer questions relating to geometry. We look forward to seeing how the students achieve.

As well as many assessments taking place, Term Three is a busy time for the students. We will be celebrating International Day on Wednesday, May 17th. The children will be learning about life in and celebrating the culture of the UK. This will be a wonderful opportunity for them to learn about the background of the school and the values which it aims to instill. There will be a dress-up day, food tasting, traditional games and plenty of royal waving.

Following International Day, students will be travelling to Wellspring Camp for the second annual residential trip. Due to the success of last year’s event, we have decided to give the students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and confidence as they take part in various activities across two days. The children will be staying in cabins, having fun in the swimming pool, taking part in team games and braving the challenge of the high-ropes and zip-line. We know that all of the students are super excited about this getaway and we will be adding photographs once we return.

To finish Year Six, we will be celebrating all of the students’ success with our end of year Prom. This is a great opportunity to celebrate all that has been achieved throughout the year and across the children’s entire time in Primary School. This will take place during Ramadan, the date is yet to be announced. We will share Iftar together and spend the evening dancing, having karaoke and presenting awards to future millionaires and actors.