Next Week Events

Year 5

Greetings and welcome to our final term in Year Five! We are excited to continue working with your children- encouraging and promoting the values and ethos that we ardently believe in. These are summed up succinctly with our school’s vision and aims: Respect, Responsibility and Resolve. We are earnestly asking you to continue supporting us as we travel on our educational journey with your children. During this forthcoming term we will be embracing shape, space and translation in Maths; newspaper reports and persuasive writing in English; our ever-changing world in Science; crime and punishment in History; mountain ranges and formation in Geography; social responsibility in PSHE; powerpoint presentation in Computers and lastly, 3D construction in Art. International Day and an activity-based school trip will both give your children the chance to learn outside of the classroom. We are sure that the children, with your support, will embrace and enjoy the lessons and learning as we journey together through Term Three.

In English this term, we will be continuing with streamed comprehension classes twice per week. This ensures that your child is constructively learning at their ability level and it provides them with the maximum opportunities to further develop their analytical skills. We will be studying and exploring newspaper reports, styles and features- giving the children ample opportunity to draft and write their own engaging Headlines and reports on a range of topics. We will also be teaching your children the features and techniques of persuasive writing. This area will be heavily integrated with the Crime and Punishment topic in Humanities. The pupils will be encouraged to write more complex sentences, drafting and editing their writing with the ultimate goal of developing and improving their sense of structure, ideas, vocabulary and finally, published work.

In Maths this term, we will be continuing to stream our classes twice a week, thus ensuring that every child gets maximum educational benefit from the curriculum. We will be focusing exclusively on developing your child’s operational number strategies and their problem solving skills in these intensely-focused lessons. The ordering of larger numbers will be taught as the correct strategies to solve operations are reinforced and embedded. Your children will be shown how to translate various 2D shapes as well as how to use a grid to solve equations. Exploration and mastery of negative number challenges will be extended into this term. Lastly, the pupils will be excited to embrace Roman numerals, their meaning and the mathematical challenges they present.

Our exciting science unit this term involves our ever-changing world and materials. The children will be investigating and using their research skills to determine what causes changes in the air, water and land all around us. They will discover what scientific processes occur; what occurs naturally in the world and what is the consequence of human activities. The children will also be closely examining the properties of a variety of materials. They will use their learned scientific processes to examine and classify a range of materials according to a set of characteristics. This will be charted and assessed by the children acting in their roles as young, enquiring scientists.

Children will take a step back in time to explore crimes and punishments from Ancient Greece and Victorian Britain. They will examine what types of crimes were committed, how the crimes were detected and finally what the punishment was. After examining these aspects of the past, children will then compare them to modern day crimes and punishments around the world. Children will be working hard to develop appropriate research skills as well as their ability to examine different cultures and societies objectively.

Our final geography topic will teach children about different aspects of mountain environments. They will begin by examining how mountains are formed and why they are only in certain locations. After this they will move on to broaden their knowledge of the flora, fauna and climate in these regions. Finally, children will discover the ways in which people use mountain environments and the human impact on them.

In Art this term, we will be consolidating our current artistic skills, enabling the children to make large-scale 3D models. This will be closely integrated with our Geography topics where the children are actively learning about mountain ranges. Using paper, glue, water and clothes hangers, the children will be enabled to create replicas of the mountains they are studying. This topic will require vision, creativity, patience and, above all else, teamwork.

In Computing this term, the children will be learning how to competently create a powerpoint presentation based on a research topic linked with English or Humanities. They will use all their computing skills and knowledge on Microsoft word, excel and powerpoint in order to complete their projects. Their research will be aided by such websites as Oddizzi and Purple Mash.

As you can see, in Year Five we have an extremely busy term ahead of us. We, once again, are asking that you continue to show your full support as we do our very best to nurture the ethos of education within your children. It is a full, action packed term that will include constructive assessments, a field trip, International Day to name but a few highlights. Let’s not forget the beauty and truth in doing the simple things in life; reading and discussing a story, playing, listening to music, taking in some exercise or openly talking with your child. Let us continue on our mutually supportive partnership on this educational path with the same broad, progressive outlook.