Next Week Events

Year 4

Welcome! The scholastic calendar for the pupils in Year Four is drawing to a close. It will be academically challenging at TBS, but equally exciting, with an array of fun packed, dynamic activities and entertaining events.

The month of May will be exceedingly busy with the GL Assessments in English, Mathematics and Science. In addition, for International Week, Year Four children will be broadening their educational boundaries by finding out what they can about Ghana as a country. An exploration of Ghanaian culture, in all its diversity will be made possible by looking at: Traditional stories, indigenous tribes, music, song, dance, art, geography, wildlife, food and sport.

Then, there is the Spring Fare at Madinity. It will take place on a Saturday so that teachers, pupils and parents can all enjoy this annual, festive event.

Year Four will also try to arrange an educational trip to the Nutty Scientists before Ramadan commences, to stimulate children’s scientific curiosity and expand their scientific knowledge of the world around us.

As always, thank you for your support and cooperation.