Next Week Events

Year 3

The final Term of your children being in Year Three has quickly arrived! Term Three promises to be just as busy as Terms One and Two. Your children will continue to follow The British National Curriculum in all subjects.

There will also be a number of exciting activities taking place this term. International Day will take place in May. Year Three children are going to focus on India so get ready to prepare your child to dress up in an Indian costume! The whole day will be spent on activities related to India. Children will move around all the Year Three classes taking part in a variety of activities then show-casing their work to all the other year groups.

There will also be a fete at Madinaty School on a Saturday which all teachers will be involved in. We hope you take the time to come along and join in the festivities with your child.

We hope to organise a trip before Ramadan starts, details of which have yet to be decided.

Academically, children will be setting their GL assessments during May in English, Mathematics and Science.

During Ramadan the school day will be slightly shorter but it is important that your child attends school on a regular basis and that they get a decent night’s sleep.

The Year Three team looks forward to a fruitful, continuing relationship with both you and your children.