Next Week Events

Year 1 Term 3


The children have made excellent progress with all aspects of the English curriculum. They are becoming very articulate and fluent speakers of the English language. They enhance their knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar every day, through focused teaching and learning in English lessons and other subjects, whilst participating in classroom routines and through their relationships with adults and their peers.

Our Phonics groups will be adapted at the start of Term 3 to ensure that every child receives the directed teaching and support that they need. Each week we will focus on different phonemes and key words to further develop the children’s reading skills and to give them strategies for spelling unfamiliar words. The children are becoming avid readers and this term we are working on the children understanding what they have read through discussion and comprehension exercises.

Now that the children can write a sequence of sentences independently, they will focus on building their writing stamina to write at length and their ability to apply their writing skills in new situations. They will continue to develop their use of interesting vocabulary, openers and connectives to structure their writing, as well as working on making their work more interesting for the reader. There will be a greater emphasis on checking and editing their work and improving their spelling. Handwriting will continue to be an important focus as the children continue to practise forming letters and positioning them correctly on the line.


The children are becoming confident with number skills. They can add and subtract quickly and are beginning to multiply and divide using apparatus. Their next challenge as mathematicians is to understand and use a wider vocabulary for calculations so that they can more easily apply their knowledge to new situations and problem solving.

Each week, we will focus on a different area of Mathematics to achieve the Year One standard and develop a broad understanding of the subject. This term we will be studying mass, volume and capacity, money, place value, simple fractions, time and the four rules of number.



Our topic this term is ‘Growing Plants’. We will be identifying plants and trees in the local area and those common to England, as well as identifying the parts of a plant. The children will have the opportunity to plant some of their own seeds and learn how to look after them by doing simple investigations.


The children will have opportunities to use technology as a communication tool to share their knowledge and ideas. Our topic this term is ‘We are celebrating’, where the children will learn to make a simple greeting card using Microsoft Publisher.


The children will learn about the kings and queens of the United Kingdom and discuss their job. They will also learn about some of the most famous kings and queens in British history. They will role play what it was like to live in different periods of the past and compare how different monarchs lived.


Year 1 will become explorers! They will use maps and atlases to become confident at naming the continents and oceans of the world. They will also begin to give directions to and from a range of countries in the United Kingdom and the wider world. The children are really excited for International Day, when they will learn all about China.

Art and Design

Our topic this term is ‘Arcimboldo’. The children will learn about his style of painting, draw and paint some fruits and vegetables and use their developing skills to create art work in Arcimboldo’s style.


Design and Technology

The children will explore how to build shelters and homes using a variety of materials. They will look at the features of a good shelter and then design, build and evaluate their own shelter using construction equipment and reclaimed materials.