Next Week Events

FS2 Term 3

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

In Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) we will focus on forgiveness, caring for the environment and caring for animals. These will be approached through circle time activities and talking to our ‘talk partners’. Through our weekly year group assemblies, each class will have the opportunity to focus on a theme related to this area and demonstrate their knowledge to their peers. We always have such fun watching each class perform!

Literacy/Communication and Language

In Literacy, we will read and listen to a variety of stories about pirates and treasure such as,’The Pesky Parrot’ and ‘Pirate Pete’. The children will create story boards and use adjectives to describe their own ‘treasure’. We will start to write our own simple stories, influenced by the wonderful pirate tales we will read. The children will develop their questioning skills and the ability to follow instructions. We will recap on Phase Three sounds and focus more on writing using our phonics knowledge.

Mathematical Development

In Mathematics, addition and subtraction will be recapped through the use of treasure chests and coins. We will focus on treasure in order to compare weight and size. Through listening to stories about treasure islands, we will work on following instructions and directions.

Expressive Arts and Design/Physical Development

Exciting role play areas will help us to be extremely creative this term. The children can imagine they are sailing on a pirate ship or relaxing on a treasure island. We will create our own treasure islands in groups, as well as making pirate flags and clay coins.