Next Week Events

FS1 Term 3

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Children will have many opportunities to play alone or in collaborative groups. They will be encouraged to develop their interpersonal skills and learn to empathise with others. Children will also work on expressing their own emotional needs. They will learn how to take steps to resolve conflicts with other children and to find a compromise.

Literacy / Communication and Language

Children will be introduced to books, stories and songs associated with clothes and homes. This term we will encourage children to recognise rhythm and rhyme in the English language. Children will practice letter formation and will be given time to write their name. They will learn to hear and say the initial sounds in words. Children will have the opportunity to segment sounds in simple words. Throughout the teaching of our chosen themes children will learn to use new vocabulary in a wider social context. They will use this new vocabulary during play, in the role-play area or outside the classroom as they become more familiar with using the English language effectively. FS1 children will be encouraged to use talk to organise, sequence and clarify thinking, ideas, feelings and intention.

Mathematical Development

There will be many counting activities this term, as well as measuring, weighing and naming two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. Children will explore the use of numbers in purposeful contexts to represent their ideas. They will be encouraged to think logically and to make comparisons as they sort clothes into groups of sizes and patterns. The children will also explore the concepts of addition and subtraction using familiar objects and artefacts.

Understanding the World

During the first half of the term children will be learning about ‘Clothes’ for different occasions. They will learn about clothes for certain types of weather, clothes for special jobs and different clothes worn around the world. Children will learn about people who are different from themselves and link this concept to school, home and the wider world. Our second theme is about ‘Houses and Homes’, in which the children will focus primarily on the diversity between many different types of homes. Children will be encouraged to help build a home in the role-play area of the classroom and make items for their new home. During the third term, FS1 children will visit the Computing Room once a week where they will have the opportunity to use computers and learn to complete a simple program on the computer. They will be able to interact with age-appropriate computer software.

Physical Development / Expressive Arts and Design

Through playing racing and chase games with others, FS1 children will experiment with different ways of moving, jumping and negotiating space. They will learn more about healthy eating and the need of variety in food. Children will be exposed good practice with regards to exercise and hygiene. Children will have fun playing in the role-play area and using the dressing-up box. Our themes this term provide many opportunities for the children to be involved in pretend and dramatic play involving language and expressive body movement. There will be opportunities to explore our kitchen and conjure up delicious things to eat. Children will actively explore new tools, materials and equipment to extend their own interests in this area of the curriculum.