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Over the Easter break I spent some time reflecting on all that we have achieved at school so far this year. It has been exceptionally busy and all of the KS1 children are enjoying their time in school, with the improvements they have made so far clear for all to see. I trust you have all had a restful break and are ready for an exciting Term 3!

Academically, this term is a very important one for the children. Whilst finishing off their current year group curriculum, the class teachers will also be thinking about preparing them for their next year group. To aid with this we have Primary Transition Day coming up, a day that the children and staff always enjoy. Term 3 also means assessments, with all GL Assessments and Phonics assessments to be completed before the end of May. This is the time when we will get to see just how much progress your children have made and we look forward to this. By the time we finish school on Tuesday 20th June, I know that your children will be ready to move on to their next year group. We will continue to push your children to improve academically as well as personally and socially, and we would encourage you to support us in this by reading with your child daily, completing homework and talking about the school day. We also recommend you encourage your children to take part in extra-curricular activities to help enhance your child’s personal, social and emotional development, as well as their self-confidence. Keep your children active!

In terms of school events, Term 3 is not as busy as previous terms due to Ramadan. On this note, although we will run with slightly shorter days throughout the holy month, we are still running a full school curriculum and I strongly encourage you to send your children to school each day. One major event that I am particularly excited for is International Day, which will be held on Wednesday 17th May. This is my favourite day of the year and one that all children thoroughly enjoy. This is a truly international school and it is extremely beneficial for the children to learn about a number of nationalities and cultures throughout the course of the day.

I wish your children well for the final term of their current academic year. It has been an eventful and stimulating year for all the children here at The British School and I am particularly proud of the progress made by our children in KS1. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, the parents, for your support over the course of the year and to wish you an enjoyable summer break, when it finally arrives!

David Honey
Head of KS1

Welcome back to the final term of this academic year. I hope that you have all had a restful break and your children are prepared for a busy few weeks ahead.

Looking back over the course of the year, we have had some wonderful events and performances from your children. We have seen some amazing costumes during various themed days, including but not limited to, Book Week. The end of term 2 saw the wealth of talent that the pupils of TBS have to offer in KS2’s Got Talent. During the final week of term, the Y3/4 boys came second while the Y5/6 boys football team won 1st Place at the TMG Football Tournament. The Y5/6 girls football team retained their 1st place trophy for another year, remaining unbeaten for two/three years now. On behalf of the school, I would like to thank you, as parents, for your support at these events. I am exceptionally proud of all the children who participated. They showed a huge amount of courage to perform in front of large audiences, whether on stage or on the pitch.

This term we have International Day, a fantastic opportunity for your child to learn about different countries around the world. Did you know that over twenty different nationalities of children attend our school? Events such as Book Week, International Day and residential trips, not only provide your child with opportunities to further their knowledge but to develop their social, communication and leadership skills – all valuable assets. These events allow your child to shine so please encourage them to fully participate by dressing up and engaging in the activities provided.

Over the coming weeks, students will continue to work hard, preparing for their Arabic exams and end of year GL Assessments. They will consolidate their learning from the past two terms in preparation for moving up to the next year group. With Ramadan approaching at the end of May, the school day will be slightly shorter. However, we will still be running a full school curriculum and encourage you to continue to send your child daily.

On behalf of the KS2 Team, I would like to wish your children continued success for the remainder of this academic year. Additionally, I would like to thank you all for all of your continued support and appreciation. Enjoy the summer holiday when it finally arrives and I look forward to welcoming you back in September.

Emma Ross
Head of KS2