Foundation Stage Curriculum

Curiosity, Creativity & Learning through Play

We aim to:

  • Create a stimulating learning environment geared towards ensuring each child achieves their full potential
  • Ensure every child receives a broad and balanced education of the highest standard while being helped to discover their individual strengths
  • Maintain a safe, caring, happy community where every child matters and each child feels safe, nurtured, loved and supported
  • Encourage respect for each other and for the environment
  • Create self-motivating, self-disciplined, confident, independent thinkers
  • Nurture the spiritual, moral, social, emotional and physical wellbeing of each individual for life
  • Build strong partnerships with families to create an open and welcoming school
  • Develop and promote lively and inquisitive minds driven by the desire and skills needed to explore new ideas
  • Foster a sense of awe and wonder, and develop natural curiosity so children enjoy learning both in and outside the school 
  • Encourage our children to believe in themselves while equipping them with the fundamental skills to enjoy and achieve in life