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Year 6 Term 2

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Term Two is sure to be another exciting time for the students here at TBS. We have many curriculum topics to cover, including story writing, email conventions, algebra, The Aztecs, our local area and street art. We will be revisiting previous skills and gaining new knowledge across all subject areas. We plan to take the students on two trips; one to the Egyptian Museum to look at different artwork and another to the famous pyramids at Giza. Please read on for more details about each subject area this term:


We will develop our knowledge of story writing as we use thesauruses to improve our vocabulary and write our own versions of traditional tales. We will also be applying our understanding of figurative language by producing our own poems that we hope to enter into the COBIS competition, which involves entries from schools all around the world. The theme this year is 'My Country: How I See It'. We are thoroughly looking forward to seeing the children's works of literary genius emerge from this topic. We also hope to reap some awards from our entries! As the term progresses, we will be writing emails, developing our persuasive writing skills and comparing different forms and genres of literature.


During Mathematics lessons we will be developing our understanding of algebra as we solve equations, generate linear number sequences and find missing expressions. We will recap work previously carried out involving ratio, area and perimeter. We will also sharpen our geometrical skills as we draw and find properties of different 2D and 3D shapes.


In Science this term we will begin by looking at the human body. Our focus will be on the circulation system, its key features and how the system works. We will also look at keeping healthy and what we can do in order to keep our bodies in tip-top condition. Once this unit concludes, we will move on to studying electricity. This will involve identifying and drawing different circuits and extending our understanding of scientific vocabulary. We hope to have a visit from a science company who will help us to become more thorough electricians.


During our Computing lessons, we will be learning to program and use code in order to build different types of software. The students will use a variety of platforms to extend and develop their existing skills in order to become more competent computer users.


This term, our Art studies begin by looking at the famous work of the ancient civilisation: The Aztecs. We will discuss pattern, form, shape and colour as we recreate different pieces of artwork in the original Aztec style. We will also visit the Egyptian Museum to compare ancient Egyptian artwork with that of the Aztec civilisation. After half term, we will look at street art and the techniques used in creating this type of art. The students will even have the chance to decorate a wall in the school field using spray paint.


For the first half of this term, we will be studying The Aztecs. This will link with our Art topic to help the children gain a better insight and understanding into the civilisation. We will learn about human sacrifice, the life of an Aztec child and how the Spanish invaders brought an abrupt end to the Aztec reign.


Our Geography studies this term focus on our local area. We will be exploring Al Rehab and understanding what type of settlement it is. We will also look at other areas of Cairo - including Giza and we will learn about the impact and benefits of tourism in Egypt. The students will visit the pyramids to conduct their own research and carry out fieldwork to aid their studies.

All in all, we have an extremely busy term ahead. The Year Six Team are thoroughly looking forward to seeing how your child progresses across each area of the curriculum. We have many exciting activities planned which we hope will continue to deepen their understanding, further their knowledge and continue to promote their love for learning.

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