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Year 5 Term 2

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Welcome to Term Two in the busy learning environment that envelopes Year Five in The British School. This term we are continuing on our educational journey with your children - delving into engaging areas such as the Ancient Greeks, modern and historical fiction, dialogue and drama, negative numbers and operational strategies and, last but not least, creating floral patterns, sketches and designs. We are excitedly planning to celebrate the children's efforts at the end of term with a once-in-a-lifetime residential trip to the Fayoum desert! This term, we hope that the children continue on their voyage of discovery-based learning and that their appetite for knowledge remains unsated. To learn and to understand opens many reward-packed opportunities in life! Let's work together- pupils, parents teachers and all staff to reinforce and embody our schools Three R's: Respect for the school, for the learning process and for ourselves; Responsibility to make the correct choices in and out of class; Resolve to persevere in all aspects of our learning.


In English this term, we will be building upon and developing our skills of comprehension. With the children, we will be discussing and analysing a range of both closed and open questions based on modern fiction and historical legends. The children will be exploring and analysing the text to embrace the deeper meanings and context hidden deep within. At the latter end of the term, we will be practising, performing and studying written dialogue, short plays and group poetry; this will give the children a splendid opportunity to use their voices like never before ( we're sure they will enjoy that aspect of the lessons!) There is also an upcoming poetry competition (COBIS) and plenty more on the educational horizon for us to continue the literary development of your children.


In Maths this term, we are streaming our classes twice a week to ensure that every child gets maximum educational benefit from the curriculum. We will be focusing exclusively on developing your child's operational number strategies and their problem solving skills in these intensely-focused lessons. Broadly speaking, throughout the term we will be working with larger numbers, ensuring that the children understand the meaning and value of each digit as we learn how to work meaningfully with four and five-digit numbers. We will be also exploring negative numbers, how to solve problems with them, their meaning and practical application in our everyday environment. You will receive your children's maths assessment sheet on a weekly basis so please work with us in ensuring that your children grow to understand the concepts which we are exploring to their best ability.


Our exciting science units this term includes life-cycles, reproduction and growth. The children will enjoy studying and exploring in detail the life-cycle of various mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Various discussions about similarities and differences will ensue furthering our intrinsic learning goals. We will also be looking at how some animals and plants reproduce, the parts and systems involved and the conditions that must be available for reproduction to occur. We will contrast and compare the life-cycle and gestation period for large versus smaller animals as well as animals from different parts of the world. All in all, a world of scientific discovery awaits us!


We will take a trip back in time to explore the exciting lives of the Ancient Greeks. Children will learn about the daily life of these people and be able to compare them to their own. We will examine the cultural aspects of Greek life including art and architecture and have the opportunity to create replicas of temples, vases and theatre masks in the original style. Finally, children will learn about Greek myths and the religious system and how it compares to modern day beliefs.


Children will further their knowledge of the water cycle which we covered briefly in Term One. They will investigate some of the world's most famous rivers and how they are formed. The ways in which people use rivers for economic, cultural and leisure activities will be explored. Further to that, we will recognise ways in which rivers can negatively impact the lives of those who live near them when Mother Nature rages. We will focus on aspects of our local river, the Nile.


In Art this term, the children will be enabled to improve their mastery of art and design techniques in the context of pencil drawings. The children will create sketch books to record observations and use them to review and revisit ideas in the contest of the drawing activity. The will observe the magical world around them (especially in relation to flora and fauna) and recreate it using their artistic vision.


In Computing this term, we will be learning how to use and build different types of software while using code. The students will be using known and new online platforms which will help to extend and develop their existing computer skills. Our aim is that your children become more competent computer users.

As you can see, in Year Five we have an extremely busy term ahead of us. We are asking you to support us on our educational journey with your child, to reinforce the importance of education, to discuss and converse with your child about school, and importantly, be positive and encouraging about your child's efforts and achievements( no matter how great or small). We have many other exciting activities and events planned for this term which, I have no doubt, will continue to promote our learning ideals and love for education.

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