• Academic Year 2017 - 2018 will start on Sunday 10th September.

Year 4 Term 2

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It's a New Year and a new academic term for the teachers and pupils in Year Four at the British School in Al Rehab. There are a variety of interesting, exciting and challenging topics which the children will really enjoy.

In English, your child will be examining the composite features associated with newspaper articles. This will include structure and content 'facts' and 'opinion'. They will be looking at classic stories, traditional tales, fact files and diary entries which will assist them to apply the concepts they learn in grammar and sentence structure to their own personal writing. When children take books home with them to read, it would be really beneficial for them to have an adult to discuss and help them to understand the texts they are reading. This will really promote growth in their personal command of English.

Children need to be competent in the four main mathematical operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is important that they practise their multiplication tables and the inverse operations that go with them on a regular basis at home as well as at school.

'Sound' is the topic which Year Four are investigating in Science. They will examine how sounds are made, how it travels, how to amplify and muffle sounds, how sound is measured and how we hear sounds. This is followed by 'Electricity'. We will explore what electricity is, safety and electricity, circuits and carry out scientific activities promoting scientific investigation and experiments.

In Computing lessons, we will look at how digital music is used in a range of programs and look at some technical aspects of how the Internet makes the worldwide communication possible.

In the first half of Term Two, children will look at World War 2. Although they will explore the timeline events, a greater emphasis is focused concentrated on what daily life was like for people in general and in children particular during World War Two.

Our focus in Geography is 'Volcanoes'. We explore tectonic plates, how volcanoes are formed, the types of volcanoes and volcanoes in different countries throughout the world.

We look at Cubism and Surrealism and the influence of artists like Picasso and Dali on everyday life. Children also try to create drawings and paintings emulating the styles of these great artists.

Design Technology
Children explore the art of puppet making and puppet theatre.

There will be educational trips related to both 'Electricity' and 'Puppet Making' to reinforce and further children's knowledge of these topics.

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