• Academic Year 2017 - 2018 will start on Sunday 10th September.

Year 3 Term 2

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It is only the start of Term Two and children have already been working very hard on all curriculum areas. We hope that they continue to make progress and furthermore, enjoy the process of learning. They will be encouraged to think for themselves and not to simply learn off facts to regurgitate and remember for a short period of time.

History and Art

They seem to be enjoying learning about the lives of people who lived during The Stone Age and have been creating their own interpretation of Stone Age art. They will be encouraged to explore different materials and experiment with them to see how they can make a stable structure for a photo frame eventually designing and making their own frame. The end product is not necessarily the most important element of this exercise, but what they learn on their journey.


Children have thoroughly enjoyed conducting simple experiments involving two of the properties of rocks absorption and the hardness of rocks. They are learning how to make predictions and also how to look at results of experiments to form conclusions.

Children have also been working hard on their English and Mathematics activities.


Each child has been working on writing their own set of instructions for our unit on Instructional Writing and will are now beginning a new genre involving reading and writing stories.


Children will continue to work on learning methods on how to carry out the four main mathematical operations addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and to apply this to problem solving activities.

As well as working on curriculum areas there will be lots of other things going on this term. We are intending to go on at least one trip this term, details of which you will receive in due course. We have House week coming up very soon where the children will take part in a variety of enjoyable activities and earn house points for their house. We also have book week and a KS2's Got Talent event which we hope your child will participate in.

Finally, there will be a Parent's Evening coming up in February, we look forward to meeting you to discuss your child's progress.

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