• Academic Year 2017 - 2018 will start on Sunday 10th September.

Year 1 Term 2

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The children have made excellent progress with all aspects of the English curriculum. They are becoming very articulate and fluent speakers of the English language. They extend their knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar every day, through focused teaching and learning in English lessons and other subjects, whilst participating in classroom routines and through dealing with relationships with adults and their peers.

In our Phonics lessons this term, the children have been split into groups so that they can work more closely with a teacher on the phase that they need. Each week we will focus on different phonemes and key words to build a strong foundation for reading and writing. The children are beginning to read books independently and this term we are working on the children becoming more fluent readers. The children are enjoying using expression when reading and they are developing their understanding of what they have read.

Now that the children can write words and sentences independently, they will focus on the use of interesting vocabulary and how to use connectives to structure their work. There will be a greater emphasis on editing their work and improving their spelling. Handwriting will continue to be an important focus as the children continue to practise forming letters and positioning them correctly on the line.


The children are becoming confident mathematicians as they learn new concepts and apply their knowledge to problem solving situations. This term, number will continue to have a strong focus in the classroom. The children will read and write larger numbers, count forwards and backwards in steps of 1, 2, 5 and 10, recall doubles and halves and know number bonds to ten with instant recall.

Each week, we will focus on a different area of Mathematics to develop a broad understanding of the subject. This term we will be studying mass, volume and capacity, money, place value, simple fractions, time and the four rules of number.


Our topics this term are 'Everyday Materials' and 'Sensing Seasons'. We will be investigating what things are made out of and what would happen if we chose the wrong material to make an object e.g. a boat out of brick or a coat out of wool. Our investigations will help us to learn how Scientists conduct experiments so that their tests are fair.

The 'Sensing Seasons' topic will enable the children to notice what the weather is like around them and how it changes during the year both here in Egypt, and in the UK.


The children will have opportunities to use technology as a communication tool to share their knowledge and ideas. Our first topic this term is 'We are collectors', where the children will learn to make a simple multimedia presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. The next topic, 'We are TV chefs', extends the children's learning and introduces film as a way to record and share information.


The children will travel back in time to when their grandparents were children and will find out what toys they played with. We will link this to our Science topic and look at what materials old and modern toys are made from.


Year 1 will become expert weather reporters! Linked to our Science work on the four seasons, the children will find out about different types of weather and how extreme weather can affect people.

Art and Design

Our topic this term is 'Pointillism'. The children will find out about the work of Georges Seurat, look at some of his paintings and have a go at creating their own pointillism creation.

Design and Technology

The children will explore how to safely prepare some fruits and vegetables to create their own recipe. We will even be filmed as part of our Computing topic 'We are TV chefs'.

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