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Y6 Pyramids Trip

On Monday, March 20th, Year Six students from The British School, Al Rehab travelled to Giza to carry out fieldwork relating to their Geography lessons. The students have been researching Al Rehab and why people live there. By going to the pyramids, they were able to compare the area with that of Rehab to see why people visit Giza. As part of the trip, students asked questions to tourists, looked for physical and human features, land use, rode camels and took some funny pictures. We all had a great day and look forward to our next trip.

Start Being Healthy

6A from The British School in Al Rehab, Cairo have made this video about being healthy. Fares, Ziad, Hassan and Seif will show you what will happen if you do not make healthy lifestyle choices. Fortunately, Marwan is on hand to help you learn about the importance of being fit and healthy.

Health is Your Biggest Wealth

Students in 6A at The British School, Al Rehab, Cairo have been learning about why we should be healthy. Hala, Sara, Bakinam and Malak investigate the importance of making healthy choices and what can happen if you don't!

How to Get Fit

The British School, Al Rehab, Cairo has been learning about staying healthy. 6A's students, Hussein, Seif and Omar are sports professionals. Ismaiel is very unhealthy and needs to change his life so that he can join a sports team. Once he starts making healthy choices, will he want to play for the coaches' teams?

How to Stay Healthy

6A students Mariam, Nada, Nouran and Jana - from The British School, Al Rehab, Cairo - will take you on a whirlwind tour of how to be healthy. What are the impacts of diet, exercise and drugs upon your life? Watch this video to find out!

Be Fit!

The boys from 6A - at The British School, Al Rehab, Cairo - Mostafa and Nour need to seriously think about their health. Will they take Fouad's advice and make healthier choices? Watch the video to see what happens if you're unhealthy and what happens when you are healthy.

6A's Leavers' Assembly video 2016

6A have had a fantastic year and this video is a celebration of their imagination and creativity. Their teacher told them they could do whatever they wanted to do for their video… this is what they did. #weare6A.

6B's Leavers' Assembly video 2016

6B have had thoroughly enjoyed their time in Year Six. This video is a collection of their favourite memories. They have worked hard and they have had a lot of fun too. We hope you enjoy it.

6C Leavers' Assembly video 2016

Class 6C has had an incredible year full of memorable experiences. Join them on an entertaining ride as they look back at some of their favourite memories from Year Six.

Y6 Aztecs 2016

6A Koshari 2015

TBS are very excited to have won a COBIS/Oddizzi competition. Many students across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 cooked different Egyptian foods and filmed this for the competition. There were some fantastic entries. We are extremely pleased that 6A won first place in the Best Young Filmmaker category. Well done to the students from 6A who made such a delicious koshari.

Art Day 2015

All the children in Primary School had a great day on Tuesday 27th January as it was Art Day! Take a look to see what they created.

TBS KS2 Christmas 2014

Key Stage 2 staff at The British School, Al Rehab have been working very hard to produce this exciting video. We hope everyone will have a wonderful holiday and that you enjoy seeing our staff singing and dancing!

Fit for Life - Year 6 - 2014

Year Six has been very busy learning about staying fit and healthy during the ‘Fit for Life’ IPC topic. As part of the lessons, the students dressed in fitness clothing and made a fitness video. We hope you enjoy it and that you feel inspired to stay fit and healthy too.

Trans World Soccer - TBS Cairo - 'The Ultimate Player Experience' 2014

TBS Counting Stars 2014

International Day 2014

Omar's Naming Ceremony

Christmas Elves 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone Trailer

Respect 2012

Walking on Sunshine 2011-2012

Glee comes to the British School Al Rehab

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