• Academic Year 2017 - 2018 will start on Sunday 10th September.

FS1 Term 2

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Personal Social and Emotional Development

The themes for this term will be all about 'Animals and Bears'. Ms. Nes will bring into school her little dog 'Rio' for a visit. The children will be invited to bring their favourite teddy bear to school. They will take part in a whole year group teddy bears' picnic. The children will have the opportunity to work alongside each other and share their toys. They will learn about acceptable behaviour, rules, responsibilities and rights. During the course of this theme children will make choices and learn about paying attention and concentrating.

Understanding the World

Children will explore ideas to do with making choices and having preferences. They will learn about keeping safe and out of bear's houses! They will take on different roles in different contexts and will have the opportunity to discuss the roles in the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. Children will learn about a whole variety of social relationships as well as some aspects of the real world. They will learn about diversity within the animal world and how to care for it.

Literacy / Communication and Language

Throughout this theme children will be using language skills and verbal communication, both in role-play situations and also when asking questions to find out about real bears. Children will listen to stories and fables about animals and will have the opportunity to develop descriptive language when playing 'Who am I?' We will sing songs and learn rhymes linked to this theme.

Mathematical Development

There will be opportunities for asking questions and making comparisons for setting and solving problems. Children will also classify groups of animals and learn about their natural environment. They will sort and count animals as well as learn about comparative sizes. Children will be taught to count from one to twenty and learn about these amounts.

Expressive Arts and Design / Physical Development

Children will have the opportunity to take part in a musical story by becoming involved in singing and dancing on stage. Also, throughout this theme, there will be opportunities for children to make decisions, choose their own materials and take some responsibility for their own learning. We shall create a jungle in our classroom and make animal masks. So beware of wild beasts at home! A major focus of this theme will be the involvement of dramatic and pretend play.

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