Next Week Events

Year 2 Term 3


Each week the children will be learning different phonetic spelling patterns which they will be tested on. They will also have a separate weekly grammar lesson each week.

Over the course of the term the children will be looking at a variety of writing genres. They will be learning about the special aspects and formats of each writing style and exploring language and writing in different ways. They will learn to write stories, instructions and poetry.


Every week in Mathematics Year 2 will focus on a different area of the subject. They will learn about addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, measurement including time, temperature and fractions. We will be developing the children’s confidence and understanding of the different operations in Mathematics, finding patterns in numbers and counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. The children will be developing their understanding of number bonds and applying this knowledge to solve other mathematical problems. The children will also work on their mental mathematical skills by completing Jungle Maths and Rainbow Maths twice weekly.


The children will study two topics this term. In ‘Take Care’, they will begin to learn about different ways to keep themselves healthy, consider the importance of eating a range of different types of food and start to learn about the importance of exercise and hygiene. In ‘Materials’, the children will be introduced to different ways of changing the shapes of objects made from different materials and identify materials that can be changed by the actions of squashing, bending, twisting and stretching, linking these actions with the properties of the materials that allow them to be changed. They will also learn that pushes and pulls can cause movement or a change in shape.


The children will learn about the geography of Kenya through focusing on the main human and physical features of the country. They will learn about the key geographical features of the country including Kenyan wildlife, landscapes and culture. Children will learn about the similarities and differences between Kenya and Egypt along with continuing to develop their geographical skills through a variety of fun and interactive activities. This term also sees the always popular International Day, in which Year 2 will further their learning in this topic by focusing on Kenya.

Design and Technology

The children will investigate where different types of foods come from through the topic ‘Pizzas’. They will plan, design, make and evaluate a pizza that they have made, as well as enjoying an exciting trip to Eatery, Cairo Festival City, where they will be shown how to cook by a chef and use the restaurant’s resources to make their own pizzas.

Art and Design

The children will be learning about ‘African Art’. They will look at the importance of patterns in African art, create African Masks, make African water jars and learn about animals based on the painting style of Tingatinga.