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Post 16 Provision

The post-16 curriculum is designed to ensure progression from year 11 and prepare students for university entry at the end of Y12. A university course is currently the only choice for students in Egypt who want to continue their education and students must complete 12 years of education to be eligible. Entry requirements for degree courses in Egypt vary but all require 8 IGCSE subjects at grade C or better with many courses also demanding an AS level result at grade D or better. Students choose AS courses from the subjects already listed at KS4.

Curriculum time allocation (Number of 45 minute lessons per week)

We support a course choice where students have obtained a grade B or better at IGCSE and have the teacher’s recommendation. Where we do not feel a student’s abilities or past performance will lead to success in their chosen course, we inform the parents and advise against it. Students must take a minimum of 2 AS Level Subjects, with the maximum being 4.

As a compulsory part of the Year 12 curriculum, the IELTS course will prepare them for the English language demands of Advanced Level study.

In addition to the formally taught timetable, students have the opportunity to take part in specific learning activities organised throughout the school year which take the place of normal lessons. This includes field trips, after school activities, sports competitions, assemblies and enterprise activities.

Course Lesson allocation
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 6
ThanaweyaAmma 7
Option A 6
Option B 6
Option C 6
Option D 6


The demands of Advanced Level study necessitate the setting of a large amount of work to be done during study time, either at home or in school. Student work is assessed regularly and promptly so that they can benefit from our judgements and advice to improve their work. Weekly emails to parents report figures for attendance, punctuality to lessons and whether or not homework is being submitted.

Judgements are also made about each student’s progress, work ethic and ability to work independently and this is reported to parents during Terms 1 and 2 with additional communication by letter where we have major concerns.

As for year 11, 2 formal assessments are done in Term 1 and Mock examination is taken in Term 2. Effort and attainment grades are reported to parents and the Mock examination performance is considered when predicting grades for the examination boards.